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Hi, I’m Amy, thanks for stopping by my site and learning a little more about me. I am a Denver, Colorado based photographer, but I love to travel worldwide. If your wedding is out of State please feel free to still be in contact because I adore traveling. I’m originally from Zimbabwe, Africa but I call the States (specifically Colorado) my home now.


Authentic, timeless, and classic are words I would use to describe my photographic style. I bring this philosophy into my posing techniques, the type of camera equipment I use, and my editing style as well. My goal is to photograph you. That might sound obvious, but I want to tell your story. I want to capture who you are, what you are about, and why you are unique.





I like to believe that I am a whole made up from the sum of my parts; aren’t we all? Some of my parts include the following


I am simple: I love enormously, I care entirely, I share openly, and I dream lightly.

I care deeply, possibly too deeply. Every little thing matters to me. Some days I let my mind wander, and dream up big dreams, but I am a realist at heart.  I invest fully and completely in every relationship I have. You will always know what I’m thinking and feeling, honesty simply is part of who I am. I try to always be real, raw and just, I hold fairness in high regard.





I have a wonderful husband, Adam.

Our relationship is far from perfect, but I believe in the beauty of growth. We have made each other stronger because we are together. We challenge each other and push each other to be better. Marriage is the perfect picture of love, giving up a part of yourself to serve one another, and gaining so much more. He is my biggest fan and supporter; I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.



I grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa.

I adore my home-land. A big piece of my heart is Africa shaped, and always will be. I don’t feel like I’m different from the average Joe, but my accent will prove me a little wrong in that area. I am eight generation Zimbabwean, but hopped on my first plane ride ever at 19 and flew for 26 hours to head to college in the States. Elephants are my favorite animal, I love rolling dry savannah grass fields, the sounds of birds in the evening, and giant rolling thunderstorms. I’ve been back home once in 10 years, and I can’t wait to go back again and take my hubby with me. You can see some of my most recent trip here and here and also here.



Photography is so much more a part of me than simply being my job.
 I adore what I do, and walk through life seeing things in photographs. If I could photograph something or someone every day I would!
My photographic style is full of emotion, it’s timeless and romantic. I want you too look back at your photos in thirty years from now and remember exactly how you felt the moment that photo was taken.  I never want your photos to go out of style!
 I put my heart and soul into every snap shot I take. I care about the little details that happen all around your wedding day, as many of your details continue to tell your story. I want you to feel like I’m one of your closest friends on your wedding day.I aim to help you remember all the special things about your day by making sure I care about what you care about. I give you the space to be yourselves, I want the photos to reflect your unique personalities and relationships. I aim to help that come out with a natural approach to posing, that I help guide you through, and a photojournalistic approach to the moments happening candidly.


I love living in Colorado. The mountains are spectacular in summer, and in winter. I adore the seasons, autumn is one of my favorites. Colorado’s fresh air, active lifestyle, and friendly faces are things I’ve grown to call home. I have to say I miss the ocean, but have family in California and Maine so at least I get to visit the beach every so often. amy-caroline-photography-wedding-31

 All these things make up just a small part of who I am. While it is true that I am all of the above there is so much more to who I am. I am a simple girl with a camera, and a big heart. One who loves beauty and cannot help herself but by trying to capture a small portion of that magnificence through photography.

Thanks for reading about my quirks.